Founded in 2008 in Italy, Creheart is a one-woman design company currently based in Paris. Creating and marketing high-quality products, such as jewelry, accessories and decorative items for events, Creheart has a global reach. The company constantly showcases its fashionable products via a network of own exhibitions, as well as its own website and Online Shops. Fashionable and elegant, all Creheart creations are handmade and completely one of a kind. Each piece is made with love and care, with attention paid to detail and quality.

  • Green Olivine Satin
    Green Olivine Satin
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
  • elettra collagebis
  • Wedding Card
    Wedding Card
  • IMG_6937bis wat
  • Daisy - Turquoise
    Daisy – Turquoise
  • Golden Satin
    Golden Satin
  • Golden Brown Satin
    Golden Brown Satin
  • Thais
  • Picasso Golden Leaf
  • Miss Picasso
    Miss Picasso
  • Golden Champagne
    Golden Champagne
  • Iris
  • Luna Soft Golden & Red
    Luna Soft Golden & Red
  • Luna Soft Golden & Purple
    Luna Soft Golden & Purple
  • Luna Soft Orange & Turquoise
    Luna Soft Orange & Turquoise
  • Seaflower
  • Ocean
  • Rainbow Flower
    Rainbow Flower
  • Love
  • Bridal
  • The Rainbow of Life
    The Rainbow of Life
  • Card roses

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